Halla Greens 2020

WEDNESDAY 5/20/2020:   Halla Greens is now open for the year.  Please read this thoroughly so that we are all on the same page regarding COVID-19.  We will expect all customers to practice Social Distancing at all times while on Halla Greens property.  Those opting to not practice Social Distancing will be asked to leave our facility at once.  No gray area involved.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  The following guidelines are for golf course and driving range.

ALL PLAYERS:  You must have your own clubs.  No sharing equipment on the Golf Course or Driving Range.  Feel free to bring your own water or non alcoholic beverages and snacks.  Food and Beverage service is not available, nor is our water fountain to fill bottles. 

Merchandise Sales:  Golf balls and Tees will be available to purchase as a necessity.  All other goods must be purchased without trying on.  Once you purchase, it is yours.  No refunds.  

We recommend bringing your own sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer for your comfort.  Our staff will wear protective masks and gloves at all times and will frequently sanitize all areas that are touch points within the clubhouse.

All greens fees and driving range fees may be paid over the phone or in person with a credit card.  NO CASH TRANSACTIONS AT THIS TIME.  We will be allowing one person in the clubhouse per group to pay the fees for the whole group.  Our phone number is 952-252-2525 if you would prefer to call.  Please enter the clubhouse through the front door facing parking lot.  Exit building through door facing the driving range (opposite side of building).

GOLF COURSE:  If you make your reservation online and reserve with a credit card, you will still need to pay for your fees at the golf course.  Online reservations are just for making the reservation.  It does not charge your card.  For the person paying the fee, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tee time to pay all fees.   

RIDING CARTS are on a first come, first serve basis.  Limited number of riding carts available.  Only those that share a household may share a cart.  We would prefer those that are in physical need receive carts if needed.  If you are able to walk our 9-hole course, that would be preferable.  Pull Carts are now available for players.

No benches or ball washers will be on the golf course.  All pins/flags must be left in the hole at all times.  Cups will be raised above the greens surface at this time.  If your ball hits the cup, it’s good!

Please, no caddies or spectators on the golf course.  If you are a parent of junior golfers playing, you are more than welcome to be with your own children if they are playing.

DRIVING RANGE:  The Driving Range will operate normally with the following exceptions:  All golf balls will be received in the clubhouse for the time being.  We will have pre-made baskets here in the clubhouse and ready for your use.  Due to the widening of our individual stations, we will not be able to get as many on the range as normal.  Please be patient.

HOURS of OPERATION:  Due to the extra preparations that is involved, the driving range will sell the last bucket of balls a little earlier than normal so that we can prepare before dark and be ready for the next day.  Thank you for your understanding as we go through this together.  Hours for the driving range can be seen on the DRIVING RANGE tab.



Halla Greens is your Fun, Fast and Family Friendly Facility for all things golf.
Our golf course is a par 29 with multiple sets of tees.  Perfect for the advanced player working on their approach shots into greens and the beginner golfer to get a feel for the game of golf.  All in less than two hours.

Halla Greens driving range offers the best hitting surface available. We take great pride in offering the best playing conditions possible for daily practice.  With multiple targets, depth and lesson programs offered by GolfTrack Academy PGA Professionals Kevin Lucken and Kevin Williams. Their website is golftrackacademy.com for more information.  

If you are planning a golf league for your company, need your golf clubs regripped, looking for golf lessons or need a new set of clubs for your Junior Golfer, send us an email or give us a call.  If we do not have what you need, we will find your answer and give the direction needed. 
hallagreensgc@gmail.com or 952-252-2525


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